About ProQure Pharma

A small company with a strong philosophy

The ProQure website contains medicines and supplements developed by veterinarian Mario Blom. As a student, he was particularly interested in the pharmaceutical and chemical properties of medicines. This already enabled him to develop medicines for his own fish and his father’s pigeons. This knowledge was also useful after his graduation. The emphasis of his veterinary practice was on farm animals, especially on farms with major problems. With his pragmatic and practical attitude he sought solutions. If necessary, by developing magistral prepared veterinary medicines per farm.

In 1984 the company Colombo was founded www.colombo.nl, for the marketing of medicines and care products for fish and pigeons. The fish turned out to be such a big hole in the market that all the energy had to be put into it. The establishment of the First Fish Hospital in 1993 attracted international attention. Mario Blom became known for his surgical procedures on fish on TV.

In 2001 Colombo was sold and Mario Blom started to take it easy and now lives alternately in the Netherlands and Spain. However, old friends from the world of pigeons asked for advice again. From the lee of the laboratory, but always focused on practice, new products for pigeons are being developed and offered on this website.

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