Adeno Coli Complex

The young pigeons disease

It starts with some of the young pigeons becoming less attentive. Then we see a few sitting balled up in a corner. It quickly gets worse and suddenly the pigeons start vomiting and we see water-thin diarrhea. In a short time, practically the whole loft is sick and acute mortality can occur.

The Adeno-coli complex, or young pigeon disease, is a complex disease, that mainly occurs in young pigeons and is often triggered by stress. Stress can be caused by catching and basketing for flights, but can also be due to overcrowded lofts or weaning to early.

The stress causes a sudden and massive multiplication of viruses. In addition to the Adeno virus, Circo viruses are also found in laboratories, which wreak havoc on the immune system. The viruses attack the intestinal wall, which loses its protective function. Moreover, the dead cells form an ideal breeding ground where E. Coli bacteria (which are naturally present in the intestine) can grow unrestrained and produce toxins.

Some believe they are successful in preventive vaccinations against Adeno and Circo viruses. Others disagree. Regardless, immediate intervention without hesitation is a must when the first symptoms start occurring.

A remedy against the viruses does not yet exist, but we do have a highly effective remedy against E.Coli: Adeno-ParaQure.

It is also important to compensate the loss of moisture and electrolytes immediately. Electrolyt Recup is aimed at restoring the moisture balance and contains no superfluous substances. When the pigeons start to recover it we also recommend providing extra vitamins. VitaSolQure is the perfect tool for this.

Electrolyt Recup and VitaSolQure are now available with a 10% discount!

Take advantage of ProQure’s highly effective, three step program to help your pigeons battle the adeno-coli complex and ensure a fast and strong recovery.

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