Pigeon health

Pigeon health

Are you confronted with problems with your pigeon and are you searching for pigeon health in order to improve the condition and the own resistance? Then you are at the right place on this website. We also offer medicines. For example against trichomoniasis, airway infection, worm infections, and blood lice.

Pigeon health for a healthier pigeon

Many pigeon owners attach a high priority to the health of their pigeon. After all, a healthy pigeon stands for more pleasure for pigeon and owner. Are you confronted with health problems of your pigeons or are you looking for minerals in order to have your pigeon perform better? Then our products offer to solutions in order to achieve you goal:

  • They improve the condition and flying performance
  • Stimulate the own resistance of the pigeon
  • Provide for the Omega 3 needs
  • Enhance fertility
  • Contain the materials for sound growth
  • See to supply joints and proper feathers
  • Are a source of amino acids, feed, minerals, and traces elements

We also have medicines for the following illnesses on offer: 

  • Trichomoniasis
  • Ornithosis
  • Stomach/intestines infection
  • Fungus infections
  • Coccidiosis
  • Worm infections
  • Blood lice

Pigeon feed by a veterinarian

Already as a student, Mario Blom had a special interest for the pharmaceutical and chemical characteristics of medicines. This enabled him already then to develop medicines for his own fishes and the pigeons of his father. This knowledge was also useful after his graduation. The focus of his veterinarian’s practice was on agricultural pets, especially at companies with huge problems. With his pragmatic and practical attitude he searched for solutions. If necessary by the development of masterly animal medicines per company. In 1984, the company Colombo was founded, www.colombo.nl, for marketing medicines and care products for fishes and pigeons. The fishes proved to be such a gap in the market that soon all energy had to be put in it. In 1993 the foundation of the First Fish Hospital attracted international attention. Mario Blom became well-known for his surgery on fishes on television. In 2001 Colombo was sold, and Mario Blow slowed down a bit. He currently lives alternately in the Netherlands and Spain. However, old friends from the worlds of pigeons and horses once again asked for advice. Under the lee of the laboratory, but always focussed on practice, once again new products for pigeons and horses were developed, which are offered on this website.

The ProQure website contains pigeon feed supplements developed by Mario Blom.

Do you also want to order minerals for your pigeons that are developed by a veterinarian? Minerals for your pigeons at a sound price/quality rate? And shipped free to your home above € 50?

Visit our shop page too see all our pigeon feed supplements or have a look at our top selling products below.


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