ImmoQure® Pigeon


Activates the defensive system of the body, inhibits inflammatory reactions, and contains no antibiotics.

ImmoQure® is an until now unknown combination of substances with a powerful potential : A high concentration of Beta Glucan M  and M.S.M. Enriched with extra Vitamin C  and supported by

Amino acids, Vitamins and Trace elements.


Activates the own defense of the body. Inhibits inflammatory reactions. Contains no antibiotics.

ImmoQure® is an until now unknown combination of substances with a powerful potential: A high concentration of Beta Glucan M, Glucosamine and M.S.M. Enriched with high levels of Vitamins, supported by Amino acids and Trace elements.

ImmoQure® is able to provoke a breakthrough in case of chronic inflammation of skin and mucous membranes (nose, throat, lungs and intestine). It contributes to the reconstruction of damaged tissue, but above all it supports the immune system in stressful situations, like disease, transportation, and races.

About the Immune system:
People and animals are constantly in contact with organisms that can cause damage. The fact that they do not always become ill as a result is due to the protection provided by their immune system. The first barrier is the intact skin. Weak spots are wounds, the mucous membranes of the mouth, lungs and intestines and the eyes.

The eyes are protected by lysozyme, a germicidal fluid in the tear fluid. If pathogens do penetrate, they will be dealt with by the immune system. This is a complex system of different types of leukocytes (white blood cells) and the cascade of antibodies they produce, such as Complement, Cytokines, Interferons and Interleukins.

In short and in outline, it looks like this:

The first defence is formed by the phagocytes, the frontline soldiers, who “embrace” the intruder and “burn” it through biochemical oxidation. We call this the innate or non-specific immune system because they fight everything that comes in and is not wanted. They team up with another group of Leukocytes, the Lymphocytes. This is especially important when the phagocytes have difficulty dealing with the invader. They make a blueprint of the invader and produce antibodies, which bind to it and paralyse it, allowing the Phagocytes to still do their destructive work. The key words for the Required immune system are Memory and Specific.

If the immune system worked 100%, we would never get sick again!

Where does it go wrong?

It can be on the side of the invader, or on the side of the body.

Take SARS Cov 2. If a completely new aggressive virus presents itself, then some time is needed between recognising it and making antibodies. In the meantime, the virus strikes and can do terrible damage.

Some invaders possess toxins that enable them to defeat the leukocytes. Others make themselves invisible or hide in a cell, so that they are not recognised as attackers. Some attack the immune system itself, e.g., HIV in humans.

What can go wrong on the body side?

The immune system is complex and requires several specific building blocks.

Complex biochemical cycles take place in the metabolism, a kind of conveyor belt. If a substance is missing, a whole process can get stuck at the so-called weakest link.

In the metabolism, e.g., when fighting bacteria, free radicals are created, which are aggressive and harmful.

In case of stress, due to flight, transportation, moulting or disease, the body produces cortisol. Cortisol is a not understandable paradox. It makes you feel better but suppresses in the same moment your immune system.

How can ImmoQure help to bring the immune system to the highest level?

Beta Glucan M is a naturally occurring polysaccharide. It is a Beta-1,3/1,6- glucan in its purest form derived from the cell wall of baker’s yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae). It is an immunomodulator with direct effect on the Leucocytes (white blood cells) and the cascade of antibodies. It is a great helper in maintaining the highest grade of immunity, also in times of stress.

M.S.M. is an organic sulfur compound. By nature, present in every cell of the body. It stands for a pliable cell wall and optimal recovering potential of interstitial tissue and mucous membranes.

Glucosamine is the building block for hyaluronic acid (the ideal lubricant in the joints) and Keratin sulphate, which is necessary for strong skin and feathers.

Free Radicals, that can damage tissue and immune system are fought by high levels of Vitamin C and E by special Amino acids.

An extra high content of Ascorbic acid (Vit.C), the A.D.E.K. vitamins and B complex combined with highly bioavailable Amino Acids, the necessary Trace elements and Minerals take care of a smooth metabolism without weak links.

By optimizing the metabolism, putting forward building blocks and by direct effect on the immune system, the own defense of the pigeon is brought to a higher level.

This is an important tool in the prevention of diseases and the repair of damaged tissue and chronic processes

One heaped measuring spoon (10 grams) is sufficient for about 20 Pigeons. To be administered over ± 500 grams moisturized food.
May be administered as long as necessary, 3 times a week.
If additional resistance is required, it can be provided daily.
Possibly boosted by an injection with ImmoQject® or ImmoQject + B12.

Can in principle be combined with other medications or cures but be careful when giving several vitamin preparations at the same time.  Excess can harm!
Store dark and dry, protected from heat.
Keep out of reach of children!
Close packing well after use and wash hands.

Available in:
500 grams powder



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