NystaQure® Export

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Contains 200.000 I.U. Nystatine  per gram.

Against typical and atypical fungal infections.




Contains 200.000 I.U. Nystatine per gram.

Against typical and atypical fungal infections.

In general affected pigeons don’t show any specific symptom, they only win no prizes!

The malefactor is often the yeast Candida albicans, which nests in the crop. Candida can be spread by mouldy straw and old beer yeast.

It’s also found after long-term antibiotic use.

In poultry it’s proven, that prolonged acidifying of drinking water or feed, leads to excessive growth of Candida.

The “good” bacteria are suppressed and the yeast takes its chance.


Dosage: 5 grams per 10 kg bodyweight (= per ± 500 grams moisturized feed for 20 pigeons) for at least 6 days.

A better result is obtained in combination with ImmoQure® or TotalPlusPlusQure®

For pigeons. Not allowed for animals used for human consumption!

Keep out of reach of Children!

Available in 100 and 300 gram powder

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100 gr, 300 gr


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