PS Qure® Endo-Ecto Export


Magical drops, effective where others fail.

Against resistant endo- and ecto- partasites,

like mite, lice, hairworm  and roundworm.


Next generation drops, effective where others fail

Against resistant endo- and ecto- parasites, like mite, lice, hairworm, and roundworm.

Use for:
Endo and Ecto Parasites in pigeons and aviary birds

Dosage Pigeons:
2 Drops on the skin in the neck per pigeon.

Use in Aviary Birds:
Sternostoma tracheacolum and other mite, Lice and Worms are perfectly to treat with PS Qure Endo-Ecto. Can be used in drinking water  without diluting previously or diluted for spot treatment.

Dosage for Aviary Birds:
Undiluted, 20 drops (1ml) per 400 ml of drinking water
Dosage PS Qure Endo- Ecto 4 times diluted:
Mix 1 part with 3 parts clean, soft water. Shake well and apply immediately.
Small birds 1 drop in the neck.
Bigger birds and Parrots 2 drops.

For Birds. Not allowed for animals used for human consumption!
Store dark and dry, protected from heat.
Keep out of reach of children!
Close packaging well after use and wash hands.

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