Improves Fertility in younger and older pigeons as well. Created through a unique concept without hormones or similar components.
Immunity and functions of the body, especially the genitals, are stimulated by herbal compounds.

Improves Fertility. Also in Older Pigeons.

Unique concept without hormones or similar. Immunity and functions of the body are stimulated by herbal compounds. Especially the function of the genitals is improved.

Contains Vitamin E.

1 Heaped measuring spoon (10 grams) over some moisturized food per day is sufficient for about 10 pigeons.
Can be administered during 1 to 3 weeks.

Can in principle be combined with other medications or cures but be careful when giving several vitamin preparations at the same time. Excess can harm!
Store dark and dry, protected from heat.
Keep out of reach of children!
Close packaging well after use and wash hands.

Available in:
500 grams powder


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