Yellow Drops


For Trichomonas and Ornithosis Complex.

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For Trichomonas and Ornithosis Complex

Yellow Drops are based on Acriflavin, not an antibiotic, but a disinfectant with effectivity against Trichomonas and the Bacteria of the Ornithosis complex.

Most common use during racing season is 1 drop in the throat before the flight or 3 pipets on 250 grams of food or 500 ml water.
Another option is to mix 10 ml over 1 kg food and give this the day after the flight.
When not racing, this can be given at least one day every 2 weeks.
In case of problems it is to be administered for 2 or 3 following days.

Never administer in the eyes!
Causes stubborn spots in clothes and furniture.
Not for Animals used for Human consumption.
Store dark and dry, protected from heat.
Keep out of reach of children!
Close packaging well after use and wash hands.

Available in:
30 ml
100 ml


100ml, 30ml


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