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Short cure against Trichomonas

RapidoQure® is meant for short treatment. For example, between 2 flights.

Some people give pills, but it’s extra work, may be stressful and some pigeons vomit. RapidoQure contains high levels of Ronidazole and Secnidazole.

Ronidazole works immediately and Secnidazole starts later but holds on for days.

By dividing it over 2 days, you are sure that all pigeons get their share.

10 grams per 10 kg bodyweight,
or 10 grams per 1 litre drinking water for 20 pigeons
Administer for 2 days. Never longer!
A heaped measuring spoon is 10 grams.
Refresh solution every day.

For pigeons. Not allowed for animals used for human consumption!
Store dark and dry, protected from heat.
Keep out of reach of children!
Close packaging well after use and wash hands.

Available in:
100 grams powder
300 grams powder


100gr, 300gr


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